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Classes: What Will I Learn?

There are many ways to strengthen your awareness. Listening to your Intuitive voice connects you to all of life. Intuition connects you to your natural wisdom and the harmony intrinsic in those connections.

Classes are available for students at any level and are tailored to support individual needs and gifts.

Intuitive Tarot Studies Comprehensive

I will create an environment where your Intuition will feel supported and alive. During this 13-week (or longer if needed) comprehensive you will learn basic numerology, how to Read the major and minor arcana, simple and complex card spreads, and reversals. Through the universal symbols of Tarot, you will practice activating your ability to see natural energy patterns. We won't rely on books very much...I will show you how to trust yourself to see beyond the cards.

For more understanding around Intuition and Tarot, take a look at my Intuition and Symbolism Video and my Intuition Lessons on Wordpress. Of special interest to new students is Lesson #2, Choosing Your First Tarot Deck - Choosing Symbols to Work With. This article is packed with valuable things to consider before buying your first Tarot Cards.

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Automatic Writing Classes

Automatic writing classes are available and can be completed in 3 one-hour sessions. They are recommended as an add-on to the Intuitive Tarot Studies Comprehensive. Automatic writing allows the Reader to channel their Intuitive awareness directly onto paper.

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A Sample of How I Teach Tarot Symbolism

Intuition Studies: Tarot Symbolism - 0 The Fool
A look at tarot decks, tarot reading, and card symbolism.