Intuition & Tarot Reading Classes - San Francisco - Bay Area
415 267-3970

Classes: Individual and Group

Intuition classes are open to beginning and experienced students of all ages who wish to deepen their Intuitive skills. I primarily work one-on-one with individuals and can accommodate small groups, too. Intuition Classes are ongoing, so sign-up anytime.

If you choose to work one-on-one with me, I will focus on and help you to bring out your gifts in a way that feels natural for you. Not everyone is Intuitive in the same way. Some students may see through their dreams or mind's eye, while others may sense things through their body. There are so many ways to know! We will begin our work by cultivating what's already active in you. As you progress, new ways of knowing may evolve.

Please contact me at 415 267-3970 to begin your Intuitive Studies. Long distance telephone and skype/facetime classes are also available for those within and outside of the United States.

"It is rare to find a teacher/guide that empowers and informs at the same time. Jeannie does this consistently and with great ease. If you are looking for a teacher of Tarot, I urge you to contact her."

Kathy G., Maryland

*Mobile Devices Can Visit: Mobile Site Individual and Group Classes